Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jelly Roll's Birthday October 20th!

I thought i would do a quick message to everyone about Mr. Jelly Roll's birthday party tomorrow! It will be at his Childhood home 1443 Frenchmen st. (corner of N. Robertson) starting about 6pm.
We have a handful of Piano masters which will be taking turns on the 88, and more often then not, parties here end up here with some type of jam session....so bring your horns!!!

in other news, i'm sad to announce the destruction of Sidney Bechet's childhood home on Marais st.
in the past year or so, the house was looking pretty beat up, and during July of 2010, the roof in the front room
had collapsed. I certainly didn't see any reason to tear the house down, the foundation was fine!
certain historical groups have been trying to purchase the home, but finding the legal owners has been the difficult
part, being the last rightful owner pass away, leaving it in a tangle web of paper work.

last week, one member of the local historical group had a meeting with a local councilmen on the house, and
were to have a follow up meeting this Thursday. Unfortunately, last week someone decided to completely raze
the house and property...it's just one leveled dirt lot now.

This is where Sidney was living when he joined his first band which was his old brothers "Silver Bell Band"
which practiced in the backyard. (and as the stories go, where the police would show up because of Noise complaints)
it was from this house the family moved to the house on St Bernard...