Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Tuba Skinny CD !

Garbage Man, is Tuba Skinny's latest release! Like their two previous CD's the band brings us the trademark sound they've become known around the world for.

I can't remember what Shaye said last night, something about it being recorded in an old Church, or School or something, in New York this fall. The band had a long tour this Summer, and this was done before heading back to New Orleans.

It's a wonderfully sounding recording, you can feel the big room atmosphere and it's balanced so nicely, it reminds of some of the Jazz Revival recordings, of the 40's and 50's with the legendary players here.

Erika Lewis sings some new traditional blues numbers, that are sure to please ALL fans and new listeners a like. I simply can't enough of "Frosty Morning Blues" and "Muddy Water"!

Kiowa also releases another original song titled "Weary Eye'd Blues" , a real beauty, and for those Robin fans, with the washboard breaks and dancers who like it a bit faster, we have a great version of "Some of these days" and "Minor Drag".

Finally, someone covered Garbage Man, and the perfect band to do it, the collective singing, Barnabus' trombone, with Shaye on Cornet…it all comes together here.

It's Tuba Skinny, what really is there to say, I know everyone that knows who they are is already scrambling to get this, for those that have never heard of this band, check em out, do a youtube search…They are a group of friends that live like a family, and this is what they live for…

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