Saturday, April 2, 2011

the Moonshiners new CD, Frenchmen Street parade!

It's so hot off the stove it's burnin my hands! The New Orleans Moonshiners "Frenchmen Street parade"!

This past Thursday night i cruised down the street to the Spotted Cat, to attend the special night for the Moon Shiners, celebrating their third CD, which includes six originals by Chris Edmunds.

The title track "Frenchmen Street Parade" is one of those originals following the footsteps of Bourbon St. Parade and South Rampart St. Parade, Today, it's Frenchmen street where the New Orleans Jazz fans come to meet, with Parades commonly passing by the clubs.

Chris brings another original number "Doin' that Lindy Hop Dance" which paints a picture of the Lindy Hoppers on the Riverboats during the 1940's dancing to those Dixieland bands. A great tempo with Ronell, Chuck and Bruce soloing in-between the singing, and then slam it home! It's sure to become a popular choice among the DJ's.

Chuck delivers some amazing vocals on three tracks, Sister Kate, Shine and Whoopin Blues. Like his Cornet playing, he deliveries powerful phrases that pull you off the stool and dancing!

Chuck is always delightful to hear sing, rumor has it the girls really love it, so next your in NOLA you come judge for yourself.

I could sit here, and talk about how great each track is, instead I'll just get the point.
The whole CD is packed with solid numbers, for any fan of Traditional New Orleans Jazz! The CD has perfect right down the middle tempo's for dancers, including some seriously good second line stuff!

I also really enjoy "Let me call you sweetheart" with Sarah Quintana, i can't help but dance through history on that one, and Christina Perez' delivery of "Look for the Silver Lining" lays down a delightful great slow number, which is followed by Chris singing "Put on an Old Gray Bonnet" which makes me picture the legendary dancers Al Minn and Leon James, trading steps back and forth! Pure Fun!

If you're into Jazz Dance, this CD is a must for your collection.

Head over their website!

The New Orleans Moonshiners
Chris Edmunds, Gregory Smith, Bryan Besse, Bruce Brackman, Chuck Brackman, Mark Braud, Sarah Quintana, Christina Perez,Jon Gross, Aaron Paulin.